i-Say Terms and Conditions of Membership

The i-Say Panel ("i-Say" or "Panel") is operated by Ipsos Interactive Services U.S. LLC ("Ipsos"). Ipsos is a Delaware limited liability company with offices located at 1271 Avenue of the Americas, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10020. By completing this membership registration and providing your details, you agree to be bound by these membership Terms and Conditions. Please ensure you read these Terms and Conditions before joining or if you have any questions about the membership program.

About Us

Ipsos is a leading market research company focused on line research and data collection. Our experience with online research and our extensive experience of working with a wide range of clients enables us to provide creative solutions to our clients issues and questions. Some of the surveys are done using a panel made up of participants (hereafter called panel members) who answer questionnaires on the Internet by accessing the links that Ipsos sends to the members of the panel via e-mail.

1. How can you join the Panel?

Anyone over the age of eighteen (18) and a resident of either Canada or the United States is free to apply for membership with i-Say as a panel member. Nevertheless, we reserve the unconditioned right to deny entrance to the panel, without being in any way bound to justify such a rejection. In case the registering process within the panel is not successfully completed, your personal information will not be retained by us.

Via Facebook:
Our registration form gives you the option to click a button to log into your Facebook account which then automatically collects some or all of your personal details required to complete the i-Say panel registration form. If you use this option, you consent to Ipsos completing the registration form on your behalf by automatically entering personal details held in your Facebook account into the form displayed on your computer. The personal details automatically entered are only those personal details that will be entered into the registration form, which you will be able to view and check before you submit them. Ipsos will only hold the data shown in the completed form if you click the submit button to join the i-Say panel.

Membership of the panel is not open to employees of Ipsos Group, members of their immediate family or employees of Ipsos clients and business partners. Additionally, only one membership is permitted per person.

Reservation of rights:
Ipsos reserves the right to terminate your membership and close your account at any time for any reason without providing notification or cause. For example, termination could be the result of allowing your account to become inactive (that is, you do not respond to any survey invitation for a period of time), fraudulent or illegal behavior, or for any other reason Ipsos deems necessary.

2. How do we use your personal information?

Privacy Policy:
We will use the personal information you provide, including your email address in order to send you details of our social market research surveys and to carry out those studies you participate in; as well as any other purposes we explain at the time we collect your personal information. For full details of how we will collect your personal information, and how we will use it, please read the i-Say Privacy Policy, which you can find here.

3. Who is eligible to earn points?

All active i-Say panel members in the United States and Canada receive a reward points account and are eligible to participate in the program and earn Reward Points. The panel member is the only individual authorized to use his/her points account.

In the event of termination, panel members will immediately forfeit all Reward Points that have been accrued. Any use of the account by individuals other than the panelist is considered unauthorized use and may be grounds for termination and forfeit of points.

Points never expire as long as you continue to be an active member of the i-Say panel and as long as the points program remains in effect. However, if you unsubscribe from i-Say or if your membership is terminated- your points account will be closed and all points will be forfeited.

4. How can you use your points?

Redemptions can be successfully processed only if you have enough points indicated for the item(s) selected.

Points cannot be transferred between panelists accounts.

Gift Cards:
Gift cards are subject to the Terms and Conditions (policies, redemptions, expiration dates) established by the issuing retailer and are subject to change. Certain retailers and/or denominations may be unavailable.

Physical/Plastic gift cards are shipped via First Class Mail. Please allow up to 5-8 weeks for delivery.
Digital “Instant Delivery” gift cards are emailed immediately after redemption. If an email address provided is different than the one associated with your i-Say account, then “Instant Delivery” gift cards will be emailed 72 hours after the redemption date.

Other items may be shipped via FedEx, UPS or Airborne Express. Please allow up to 5-8 weeks for delivery.
In order to redeem points for a PayPal digital reward. A PayPal account is required in order to redeem points for a PayPal digital reward. The redemption amount will be added to your PayPal account within 1-3 weeks. If you do not have a PayPal account, you must create one before redeeming your i-Say points.

Receipt of points:
Your account will be updated or credited each time you earn Points by taking a survey. In most cases, your account will be credited a few minutes after survey completion. Your account will be debited immediately when you redeem points.

Errors and Changes to points account:
In the event of an error, Ipsos reserves the right to make adjustments to a panelist's Points account. In the future, additional methods of earning points may become available. Points may be added to accounts at the sole discretion of Ipsos.

No Returns or Refunds
Points redeemed for INSTANT DELIVERY GIFT CARDS or VIRTUAL PREPAID cards cannot be returned, refunded, exchanged or cancelled. All gift cards are redeemed “as is”. You assume responsibility for your gift card and points. NO refunds will be issued.

5. Removal from the Panel?

By panelist:
At any time for any reason you may ask to be removed from the panel and stop receiving emails from Ipsos and its clients. Please send an email to if you live in the United States or if you live in Canada. Your account will become inactive in the Ipsos database. Your points will cease to exist upon the effective date of your termination from the panel.

By Ipsos:
Ipsos reserves the right to terminate your membership and close your account at any time for any reason without providing notification or cause.

6. What are the legal terms?

Receipt of points:
Your account will be updated or credited each time you earn Points by taking a survey. In most cases, your account will be credited a few minutes after survey completion. Your account will be debited immediately when you redeem points.

Right to change:
Ipsos reserves the right at any time to withdraw this program or to modify, amend or supplement these rules, in its sole discretion. We will notify you of any updates via email.

Limitation of Liability:
This Panel is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. You agree that access to, and use of the Panel and the content available is at your own risk to the fullest extent permitted by law and Ipsos accepts no liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage you may incur in connection with the use of, your involvement with, or inability to use the Panel or any linked sites, including without limitation any liability for loss of income, data or damage of any kind. Ipsos shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for injuries, losses, or damages of any kind that result from acceptance, possession and/or use of any item redeemed. Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through your use of the Panel is done at your own risk and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the download or use of any such material.

Acceptable use and participation:
Ipsos is dedicated to creating an environment where members can participate safely and respectfully, keeping in mind the views and opinions of other i-Say members. While participating in i-Say, you understand that any messages, opinions, information, pictures or any other materials posted by members are the sole responsibility of the person who posted the material. You agree that you will not post or upload any material that:

  • Is illegal. This includes content or any messages that promote or discuss illegal activities or encourages others to commit them.
  • Is abusive, obscene or hateful. This includes language, information or images. Masked swearing (e.g. "f__k") is considered the equivalent of the actual swear word.
  • Is threatening, harassing, libellous or defamatory either between i-Say members or directed towards an Ipsos moderator or other employee.
  • Is bigoted - racially, ethnically, sexually or otherwise offensive - toward anyone.
  • Is an off-topic political or religious message.
  • Is aimed at advertising or marketing any goods or services.
  • Contains viruses, corrupted files, "Trojan Horses" or any other malicious code.
  • Contains your personal contact details or the personal details of other people.
  • Is owned by or under the copyright of someone else.
It is important to note that Ipsos does not pre-screen any information posted by members. However, Ipsos reserves the right to remove any content that is posted via the Polls tool or other interactive features we may make available to panel members.

As a research participant, you may be asked to review new concepts, products and packaging that are still in the early stages of development. You may come in contact with, be allowed to see or use or otherwise have access to certain non-public, confidential, proprietary, or trade secret information or material that are the sole and exclusive property of the client or sponsor of the research in which you will be participating, including, without limitation, information with respect to the client or sponsor's products (collectively, "Confidential Information"). You must not copy, print, store, forward or disclose to anyone by any means, the Confidential Information you will have access to, and must not use the Confidential Information for other purpose than the purpose for which it was disclosed to you.

Intellectual Property:
Ipsos shall own and retain exclusive ownership upon Ipsos' trademarks, logos, copyrights, any content of Ipsos' website and other intellectual property rights ("Ipsos' IP"). You may not use or reproduce any of Ipsos' IP without Ipsos' prior written consent. Nothing in this Terms and Conditions shall be construed as granting you any license, right, title or interest in any Ipsos' IP, or any patent, trademark, copyright, know-how, or similar right now or hereafter owned or controlled by Ipsos.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Ipsos and each of its respective officers, partners, publishers, managers, employees, agents and attorneys, from and against any and all liabilities, claims, actions, suits, proceedings, judgments, fines, damages, costs, losses and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees, court costs and/or settlement costs) arising from or related to: (i) your membership within i-Say and to your participation within research surveys conducted by Ipsos, (ii) any third party claims, (iii) any breach by you of these Terms and Conditions.

Any unlawful or disparaging action caused by you during your membership within the i-Say and to your participation within research surveys conducted by Ipsos, that may be considered a violation of criminal and/or civil law shall entitle Ipsos to seek all remedies in this regard against any unlawful or disparaging action to the fullest extent permitted by law and in equity.

Disclaimer of Warranties:
Ipsos disclaims any warranties, express and implied, related to your membership within i-Say and to your participation within research surveys conducted by Ipsos and Ipsos shall have no liability whatsoever (including without limitation liability for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages), to you or any third party, for your membership within i-Say and to your participation within research surveys conducted by Ipsos.

You also agree that you release and forever discharge the client, sponsor or Ipsos, each of their affiliated companies and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, employees, and agents from and against all claims, lawsuits, causes of action, demands, losses, liabilities, obligations, judgments, damages, costs and expenses of any kind (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising directly or indirectly out of: (i) any injury, death, property damage or other damage sustained or allegedly sustained by you resulting from the distribution, sale, consumption, use or contact with the product in connection with the product test and evaluation research, except for any injury or damage which may be caused by the client or sponsor's gross negligence; and (ii) your participation in the product testing research or any other research conducted by Ipsos.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the state of New York.

For further details regarding any of these Terms and Conditions or any other issues relating to your participating as a panelist of i-Say, please refer to our privacy policy found here or email us if you live in the United States or if you live in Canada.